Five-Deuce Poker Tournament Timer for the iPhone and iPod touch

The Tournament Timer Screen

What the Five Duey can do for your Poker Tournaments:

  • Top Features
    • A timer.
    • A timer that won't get messed up by a phone call or other interruption.
    • Save multiple tournament structure settings.
    • Smart default payouts, or fully customizable payouts.
    • Track players-in, buy-ins, rebuys, etc. Or not, if you don't want to.
    • Easy-set blind wheels when building a new tournament structure.
    • Set breaks. Add or subtract time (if needed) while the tournament is running.
    • Portrait and landscape views for the main timer page.
    The Tournament Timer Screen
  • Low Roller Features
  • High Roller Features
    • The felt is green. As it should be. Just like money.
    • No lame 4-aces or royal-flush graphics.
  • In Development...
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