About the makers of Five-Deuce Poker Tournament Timer

Headlight Software: the company
Headlight Software, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Michael Burford. Products include:

For the iPhone & iPod Touch:

For Windows

Michael Burford: the programmer
Michael is the programmer for Headlight Software, and the programmer for the Five-Deuce Poker Tournament Timer. He programmed GetRight® for Windows & FTP on the Go for iPhone among many other software products (listed above).

GetRight was the first Windows download manager tool back in 1997 and is still one of the most common download managers used today. (More history about GetRight and other programs.)

  • Worst Poker bad-beat:
    "I don't play poker that much. At a home game, I flopped a straight and lost (to Peter) who flopped a set and rivered 4-of-a-kind."

Peter Burford: the designer
Peter thought doing a poker tournament timer was a good idea, and got Mike to help him with it. He is also the graphic designer and web designer for Headlight Software.

  • Worst Poker bad-beat:
    "I had AA vs. JJ. We got it all-in preflop, and I flopped four of a kind. He made a royal flush. Small-stakes online, so the pot was about $100. No jackpot. (No, I didn't make that up.)"
  • Favorite poker game that isn't Hold em:
    "Pot Limit Omaha High/Low."
  • The story of 5-2.
    "Long ago, I was playing $4-$8 limit hold em at Diamond Lil's in Renton, WA. I had KK in middle position and raised. The player on my left re-raised (he said later that he had QQ). Being low-stakes, the button and both blinds called. I capped it and everyone called. The flop was 4-3-9. I bet, the guy with queens raised, two calls, one fold. I 3-bet, the guy with queens capped, and the other two still called. Turn was a 10. I bet again, the queens raise, it's called around and I just call this time. River was an Ace. The small blind bets out, I call disgustedly, the guy with queens folds, the button raises, and the small blind 3-bets. Now I fold in pure disgust. And the button caps it. The button showed 5-2 off suit (Yes, he called 3 bets cold with 5-2o preflop). The small blind showed 5-2 suited (Yes, she called 2.5 bets cold with 5-2s preflop). They each made the same straight and split a huge pot. After that, I started telling friends that 5-2 is clearly the most powerful hand in hold em."
    "I have gone on to win some substantial pots playing 5-2. Including the hand that is re-created on this program's splash screen."